Wednesday, December 9, 2009

...Back From Kinetic Hell

Monday and Tuesday I had the worst fibro-attack ever.
Monday night my wisdom tooth started to bother big deal normally. Pop a Tylenol and deal with it. 1-2am Tuesday morning I'm up with a migraine of all migraines. The right side of my face had the sharpest pain I ever felt. I couldn't sleep, the more I moved the more it hurt. Then the bad part neck started to sting, then my right shoulder, then my right arm. Not even realizing it I'm on the floor punching a fan into the corner of my studio setup. That feeling of pain felt as if I had four sharp silver-spears stabbed into me.

....I rather be shot then go thru that again....

I remember being on my knees holding myself. P.A. was here also. I can tell he didn't know what to do. I started to get up and walk to the hospital, P.A. went with me but when we got outside my knees started to buckle and the pain was too much. My room mates wanted to call an ambulance...I wouldn't let them....why....cause I'm hard headed. I have my reasons I just don't want to state them. When we got back into the house I just sat in-front of the open window in the "Danger Room" and let the cold air from outside hit my face. I don't know why but that settled my body down. At least enough to were I could lay down and pass out...I did just that.

Tuesday night....same body pain though. I found these pills my mom gave to me 2-3 months ago. I hid them from myself. She told me to take them on the more-painful days cause they will also make your stomach hurt. Took six of those and that did it. Today I woke up painless that if felt like I was high...cause I'm not useto having no pain at all. My arm started to hurt later on but that's normal compared what I had to ride with this week.

So now it's back to music...I did this beat before the epic nights started. It's for sale. Shout out to LittleMissNobody for posting the original sample on her blog.

...and check the website if interested in more of my beats that are currently for sale.....CLICK HERE

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


Little Miss Knobody said...

As always...Dope Mix! HBMS is the shit!

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