Thursday, January 7, 2010

Justin Allen's 12 Songs...

"Besides the slightly aggressive title, this promo-street-album is laid back, radio friendly & not a single curse word. This was finished before J.Allen's studio was closed on the 1st of January, 2010. So, I'm (Gambitt) on a mission to spread my boy's music on the net as he works the streets in NY while getting back on his feet. It's really a shame when creativity is limited due to the lack of funds."

Justin Allen - 12 Songs & A F#%! U
1. Hi, I'm Jae (Prod.Gambitt)
2. Crazy Cool Feat. Travis (Prod.Villain)
3. Cali Gurl (Prod.Lenny)
4. Insert Hook Here (prod. Merk)
5. Hold That (Prod.Villain)
6. Like This (Prod.Jay Fre$h Kick$)
7. I Told You So (Prod.Jay Fre$h Kick$)
8. Gettin To The Money (Prod.Villain)
9. Be... (Prod.Gambitt)
10. Live & Learn Feat. Joe Tann (Prod.Villain)
11. Forever Yours Feat. Keri (Prod. Bill Ni)
12. To Young Feat. Travis (Prod.Villain)

Bonus Tracks

84 Cutty Supreme - Interlude (Prod.Gambitt)
Maybe I Am Crazy
Scared Of You ft. Keri (Prod.Gambitt)
In My Dream

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