Monday, January 18, 2010

The Original Guitar Hero

In the beginning of last year...when I started to take making beats serious... I toyed with the idea of making an Jimi Hendrix instrumental-project. Beats made completely from Hendrix samples. At that time I was still learning my ways to making beats and needless to say, as a rookie-level-beatsmith at that time making a beat sampling Jimi Hendrix is far from an easy task.

However, at that time frame while I was battling with the idea, I did manage to flip one beat titled "Soul Of A Machine Gun"...sampled from Hendrix's "Machine Gun".
One of my favorite Hendrix songs. It's actually the earliest song I can remember from being a child. My father is a big Hendrix fan and that's what he played mostly. I can even remember him giving me tapes for my little boombox when him and my mother split up. I think I was age 4 or 5. Even younger I can remember in Baton Rouge, Louisiana sitting at the table in-front of his HUGE old-school boombox listening to his Hendrix tapes staring at the EQ lights jumping up and down on the stereo. I would do that for hours...while daddy lights up a joint in the back room hehehe.

Anyway...I finally took a shot at sampling the Hendrix song and it didn't come out too bad for the beginner level that I was at. But it wasn't enough for me to proceed with the full project.

A year later here I am again...toying with the same idea.
What's changed? My beat-making experience and skills has grown.
My "sampling-ear" has grown...meaning I'm hearing patterns that I hadn't heard the 1st time. I feel more comfortable in sampling Hendrix's songs. It seems....easier now.

I've flipped two other Hendrix tracks since my growth in beat making and I'm proud of them. They pretty much overwhelm my "Machine Gun" sample. One of those beats will be on my "SoultapeLvL2:Sound Therapy" project that I will either release this week or next week...depending on the cover art and when I find this final beat to finish off the project.

So...I'mma give it a shot. I have no idea for a title yet. I'm going to just go with the flow and see what happens. Another thing I'm trying to decide is if I will wait for the new Hendrix album to be release on March 9th and samples some of those tracks or just work with the classics.

Here's the original "Machine Gun" song and my sampled-beat.
Keep in mind that the beat is my early work but still worth a listen.
And the youtube's nice to see Hendrix actually performing the song.

Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun

Gambitt - Soul Of A Machine Gun
Soul Of A Machine Gun by Gambitt4Aces


Little Miss Knobody said...

Not bad at all my friend! I really like it. You can never go wrong with Hendrix anyway

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