Saturday, January 16, 2010

Random Dilla Gems

This joint knocks. If anyone has the tape that this beat is from in decent quality, get at me.
It's wild that I found the original sample to this before I even knew Dilla flipped this beat. The version I did can be found on Show Tufli's "Period" EP under the track "Sweet Affection". Dilla's version has more swag, head-nod does most or all of his beats.


The Gone Anomaly... said...

I have the beat amongst some of his beat tapes i have from his discography yo.

Gambitt said...

how can I get that off of you?

The Gone Anomaly... said...

You want just that beat or the entire series which is all 3 beat tapes together? Email me @ and I got ya yo.

Oh BTW your beats is str8 fire, I'll deadass be looking forward to hearing more from you.

Gambitt said...

thanx my dude... I'm dropping something this week so keep an eye on the blog. About to hit your email in a second. I'm trying to get the whole set...I'm betting there are some more gems on there I haven't heard yet.

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