Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Experiencing Jimi Hendrix In 2010

I've managed to get a hold of the new Jimi Hendrix album, "Valleys Of Neptune". Hearing it gives you the impression that it was recorded yesterday. I've never heard Hendrix sound so great, clear, detailed. It's the way his music should have been mastered after all these years.
Granted, the 12 song album is bound together with a few unreleased studio tracks, an alternate version of "Fire", and a few studio recorded versions of songs that were only heard in his performances in the live-concert album releases. Regardless, this is an album to listen to. Hearing Hendrix in this quality is like listening to him for the 1st time all of over again...a brand new experience. I've found this article written about the album, it's a good read to get an better idea of the album for those who may be unsure on purchasing it.

Valleys of Neptune: like being there, in the studio, with Jimi Hendrix

And the Hendrix-news only gets better...on the way are remastered versions of Hendrix's classic albums. After hearing the quality of the new album, it's a must I get a hold of those. This type of treatment for quality of Hendrix's music is way over due. I need to get my pops a CD player...I bet he would have a hell of a moment listening to Hendrix in the quality I've heard him in.(My father is a big Hendrix fan...the 1st taste of music I've ever heard was Hendrix thanks to the old man.)


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