Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lyriqs The Lyraciss...

A few months ago while politicking on twitter, I managed to find an young rapper from my home state of Louisiana. To say at least, I was very surprised of what he had to offer compared to a large sum of rappers from Louisiana that I have spoken with about music. Meaning, the music he makes is the quality of the true form of Hip-Hop...instead of the well known form that it is currently in. The Hip-Hop heads of New Orleans have a new & valuable threat to add to the town's high-caliber list by the name of Lyriqs.
Today, Lyriqs has released this heavy mixtape of his, "The Nobodys Monologues".
Hit the link at the bottom and see for yourself. Also, visit his blog dakidlyriqs.blogspot.com.

Click Here To Download

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