Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Silence Shall Be Worth It...

OK.....yea....I know, been kinda m.i.a. for a month. Was having internet issues & working hard on two projects. One being my own, the other for P.A.

The last project from P.A. that we released...I admit. I hated it. I still do.
P.A. has this vision of his...he wants to mix all genres into one. I'm like it's pointless. There's a reason why we have genres...not everyone likes the same type of music. So that's what the last project turned into. And might I add it was the last project I did beats without putting my soul into it & I will never do that again. In other words it was forced. He gave me a sample....I flipped....for better or worst. Ugh.

I kinda have to be slim on the details, but last month P.A. got invited to ATL by a well known named A&R for a one-on-one artist development training session. They told him what he needs to work on & focus on far as music. WELL!!....WOULD YOU HAVING TO FIND OUT that they said for him to focus strictly on a Hip-Hop sound and to stick with my direction of production......mine.....my direction....like I told him before....lol. Sorry, that was apart of my "I told you so" moment for him. I told him his sound was every where & that he should let me produce a project completely in my direction to show him what I mean. Well after he got back from ATL, the agreement was made for my project idea & for him to use what he has learned & developed as a lyricist.

The project is called "Accept My Sound"...completely produced & mixed by Gambitt4Aces (me...duh). It's 80% done as of now, just putting the finishing touches on it. We did a photo-shoot for the project last Friday...which is where that pic came from that I posted in this post. I'm going to make the cover-art tomorrow. We want to make a big statement to the folks in ATL next month when P.A. goes back for more training.
Near the bottom of the post is one of the 1st leaks from the project. Check it out.

Someone quoted on facebook earlier that...
"...this is true Hip-Hop." ....well, I'll let y'all decide if that's true or big talk.

P.A. - Critically Acclaimed(Prod.Gambitt4Aces)

...trying to get back on my blogger shit....be back soon.
Opinions on the track are welcomed.


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