Monday, December 13, 2010

Artwork: SoultapeLvL7

Last night was a rather epic painful night in regards to my muscle problems. But I manage to be a little productive. This year while working on a few different projects (some released, some have yet to be released) some how I've managed to build a collection of beats that weren't used for anything. I think I've deleted maybe three out of the 30+ that I found and forgot about. The three that I deleted were crap...bad experiments that some how managed to get exported out of FL Studio 9. The other beats however were good...worth sharing. So they became apart of separate beat-tapes that I'm sitting on for 2011.

This particular beat-tape that I designed the cover above for has become a personal favorite. "SoultapeLvL7: Pain In Stereo" is a collection of beats that I've made while in a high level of physical pain because of my muscle disorder. At some points it has a dark sound, at other points it's like a signal for help. I'm going to release that project on February 11th, 2011.

There's another beat-tape that I managed to put together..."SoultapeLvL6"...but at the moment I have no explanation for it. The vibe that tape has is...I don't know. It sounds nice though.

2011 I'm going to do my best to release at least one beat-tape a month. 2012 I will retired the "Soultape" series until further notice.

Just felt like sharing with my fellow bloggers ;)


Digs said...

Putting your life on tape, that's too real for a lot of rappers and producers. Instead of lying and flossing, you are being real. That's needed in music, and I commend you for working through the pain. It helps that your music is dope too BTW!!

Gambitt said...

I haven't thought of it that way before, that's a good direction to look.

"It helps that your music is dope too BTW!!"

...the hard part is knowing if it is dope or not...per beat, per song. I guess I'm my own worst critic. At the same time not everything will be good.

Thanx my g

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