Wednesday, January 5, 2011

After The Release...

Man...where do I start...
The feedback I've gotten from the "DontSayIDidntWarnU" project has been shocking. A lot of new people have reached out and shared what they thought of it. Nothing negative has been spoken....but tomorrow I will address what I think I need to work on. The support is overwhelming...I don't even know how to properly show my appreciation, I just hope everyone at least has an idea of it.

@Little Miss Knowbody of ...if you received my email earlier, you already know, music-buddy. ;)

@Digs of g, that post you gave me was something epic. #toast2you

#Shoutout to the following sites that have posted the project...
DealWithNoDeal.Com what? :) ....a better project.
I originally planned to release a string of beat-tapes, continuing my Soultape series and releasing my "Code420" vocal project in time for 4:20. I think I will stick with that. Specially with my Jimi Hendrix beat-tape project almost completed (beats using nothing else but Hendrix samples). Regardless I'm charged up to keep the music moving.


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