Friday, February 11, 2011

Paralyze The Pain, Not My Soul.

1st, shoutouts to Digs, EOP and LMK for your comments on the last post. I appreciate y'all a bunch!

I went back to my doctor this morning. The Elavil medicine didn't do a damn thing for pain after 2 weeks of taking it. It kept draining me and putting me to sleep while making me depress. It was also a depressant...but most depressants do the exact opposite when taken by a person who is not depressed. smh ugh, anyway. I couldn't get the vibe to do music at all. I tried forcing it...nothing....420 a few times....nothing. I actually started thinking I lost interest in music but I was just in zombie-mode from the meds...which was all the time.

So...I'm on no meds right now. I have to wait a week for my tests to come back on my liver and then my doc is going to prescribe me a low dose of Vicodin. I also have an appointment to see a pain specialist next month. So at least actions are being made to get this disorder controlled...whatever form it may be. All thanks to my mother:)

Speaking of my mother, she found a medicine called LDN, but not all major medical companies are prescribing it. Mom...being the resourceful person she some shipped from India and is trying it out for herself. I'm going to next to see if anything happens before I get my Vicodin script.

After I stopped taking the Elavil 2 days ago, the music vibe came back. I think I'm still shaking off the meds a bit but each day I feel more energetic. Now I can return to these projects. I got a lot of catching up to do.


Eyesofphases said...

I've never understood why medical companies refuse to prescribe some meds. Major corperations care more about money than the patients

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