Monday, March 28, 2011

Three 28th.

How are all of y'all doing these days?
Me? is what it is. Pain hasn't been as bad but when it does flair up, it's another story. I'm guessing the warmer weather is helping...except it keeps changing.

I've been quiet as hell lately but the music hasn't been as quiet. I'm going to release the "Music Colored Red" project this week with Justin. Just gotta clean up one more song and then maybe add one new bonus joint...a track from me maybe.

I'm going to start recording again today. I got certain beats I've been working on that I will finally dig into today.

EOP, what up homie. I got you!!

LMK....hey there...I'mma send you some jams you might dig.

Speaking of "dig", Digs whats up my g.

Y'all three are #1 in my book. I appreciate y'all words, it helps more than what I could format into words.

Gonna leak a track tonight from whatever I record today....just to show the new direction I want to go. The "Medicated" project will be extremely different from "Don't Say I Didn't Warn U".

Oh, one thing I've been kinda quiet on is the work I'm doing with Show TuFli and his manager.(Classick Chris, what up my dude.) Show is getting ready to release his new project entitled "Cool, Calm & Collected" and we want to do all we can far as promoting and getting as many ears as possible. I've recently started a new blog that I will soon turn into a website.

...if you don't know much about Show Tufli, then check the site. I've uploaded all of his projects and I will be posting all updates directly from his manager or himself. They officially co-sign the blog.

Show has picked up some of my beats recently so we'll see if they make the final tracklisting at the end of the creative process.

Ok, I'm out. Be back soon.


Little Miss Knobody said...

Looking forward to the goods! I appreciate it big time homie! I look forward to the new website. Take care!

Gambitt said...

you already know ;)

Anonymous said...


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