Monday, April 25, 2011

New EP's On The Way...

In the last 3 months, my music world has been spinning into a huge mess. Old styles aging into completion. New styles building, learning specific traits from the based styles both beat-making and lyrical smh whatever, those last 2 sentences was confusing enough.

Instead of forcing all styles into one project I started to split them up into separate projects and EP's. All of this happen mainly while working on the "Medicated EP" ...which is 50% done w/ no date. It's hard to force out a certain sound...and I don't believe in force in regards to creativity. But to ignore positive results even though it did not equal the original aim would be ignorant of myself. I'm using this post to layout the game plan for the summer, introducing the new line up of EP's and more. It's about to be a nasty summer...musically of course.

Medicated EP
50% Complete
Southern-Style, Smoking music

The EP that started the mass amount of creative chaos. Entirely produced and written on 420 occasions. I originally started on the project to have something to smoke to on the date of 4/20 but then it got serious. It's still missing a few things and I haven't been smoking for creative use in a while (usually just when I'm in pain). The project will make it's appearances soon and it'll be ready for any smoking occasion...or non-smoking occasions, heh.

Electric Wind God Fist EP
25% Complete
Aggressive-Soul-Style, Guitars and slick snares

My "eliminate everyone, the world is my to destroy" music vibes. Sometimes I have moments where I want to make the world pay for the person I've turned into. A mad, sociopath-like person who hates the idea of society and people's closed mindedness that gives society a negative out look to new ideas or previous old ideas that actually help people instead of harm them. I'm more of "letting the project build itself" than actually focusing on it. But when those tracks line-up, it when fall under the "EWGF" label. Electric Wind God Fist, is a fictional martial-art move resembling an "lightening-fast-uppercut" created for the video-game character, Kazuya Mishima of the Tekken fighting series. Kazuya is a fighter who sold his soul as a child to a devil like entity in order to survive a death-fall off of a mountain that his father threw him from. He grows up to be heartless and climbs to a position of power to take over the world. Often, Kazuya has to fight for full control of his body with his "devil gene" counter part. I compare that to my muscle pain I have to fight with...and when I am losing against the pain I become very angry. I think and perform aggressive and violent actions that I wouldn't do other wise. This is where my One-8 alias popped up from. Kazuya, a Japanese name means "one-eight" in English translation.

The Gregory House EP
35% Complete
Soulful HipHop Style, witty and chill

A favorite project of the moment. This entire project will be written and produced completely on current prescribed meds.

Gambitt X Gee Wiz - The G-Side
Mainly an instrumental-project between producer Gee Wiz and myself...but there will be a few tracks that I'll flow on. If y'all don't know about the homie Gee Wiz, he produced the entire EP w/ lyricist Signif titled "Significant Wizdom"( With the homie being only about 40 minutes away, this is gonna be an epic project.

Precyse X Gambitt - Invisible Kinetics
A lyrical project between Precyse and myself.

SoultapeLvL8: Revenge Of The Flaming Guitar
The final beat-tape in the Soultape series(unless I get a good demand to continue to SoultapeLvL11. But as of now, this will be the end.) And it's all Jimi Hendrix samples. This is my baby and I'm been keeping this locked away for a while. Not fully complete...I'll say 70% done. I want this project to be perfect.

As you can see, I got my hands full. But the music is completely worth it.
See y'all soon.


Anonymous said...

fucking magnificent.

Little Miss Knobody said...

You're a hard working man Gambitt! I'm lookin forward to hearing all of the projects especially the soul projects...

ZoNe said...

G'Damn this summer finna be fun. Because of this, we can no longer be cool. JK. If nothing else, I feel more driven. So good looks for that alone G. And I hope to live long enough to see each one drop.

Gambitt said...

Good look y'all....

@LMK...i got a few special joints I'm going to send to you.

@Zone...u crazy g lol

Anonymous said...

just stopping by to get my regular dose of good music from Reality-Gambitt. Now I can complete the rest of my day!

Gambitt said... the man, Digs.

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