Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Speaking Of Change....

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It's an idea that has been around for years but never discussed by the "old heads". What I mean by "old heads" are people of the past that are afraid of change in the present. There are many positives of this (At least I see them as positives) if this was to happen in California or any state for that fact...

Lower crime rate: Too Smack or too chilled to go out to rob or murk someone.
Less Packed Jails/Prisons: About 60% of the US jails are full because of smokers or dealers of Marijuana.
Money For The State: That's the main reason why any of this would have been discuss far as government. The state would get paid.

Even the news reporters are on board for the idea and $50 an ounce isn't bad at all. In Riley Freeman's voice "Has weed really hurt anybody?" Fact is that marijuana is less harmful than most U.S. foods. Look it up.

The Effects...well.
i.e. Get drunk and drive 2 miles and tell me how you do. You'll be reckless as hell.
Get high and you'll do 10 miles under the speed limit with perfect driving, guaranteed.

But lets be real about this. I'm not trying to come off as in saying that weed is the best thing in the world and completely harmless. Not at all. Smoking of cannabis is the most harmful method of consumption and often usage can take away your from your motivation and focus. I am speaking from experience. This is the only "Above The Influence" commercial that's actually on some real shit.

The trick is, don't let your high be your low.
Other than this....why not?



HEEBZ said...

Mary Jane being legalized would help everyone out in one way or another...

Everything in this post I have to agree with...

Thanks for following my blog...

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