Saturday, April 25, 2009

An Hendrix Resurrection

Just listen to it. At least the 1st half. My project moves forward with a great start.

Turns out a lot of people never really heard Jimi Hendrix's "Machine Gun". I'm fuckin' shocked. Its one of his best if you ask me... at least one of my favorites. Well I guess its not as known. I flipped this joint something crazy. Perfect blend of classic rock & hip-hop. You be the judge.

My boy gave me some good advice last week and I think it help me turn this beat out as crazy as I did. He told me....

"Don't go out your way to make a beat to fit someone else style, do what feels good to you, perfect it and then people will be making the adjustments to fit there style to yours."

I have to admit, it does feel like my music is shaping up its own swag. At least with the last 3 beats I made I feel a mood starting to form. Or maybe I just zone too hard. Believe it or not, I am my own worst critic.

Begging for feedback.....seriously.....on real....naw, not joking.

You....the nigga reading my blog...yea you....listen and tell me what you think. Not asking for you to dick ride or nothing, just honesty.

Soul Of A Machine Gun - Gambitt

::Drops Kinetic Card::


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