Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sometimes Your Enemy Understands You Best

I met a girl named Jaime two years ago. Unfortunately, we only got to spend maybe 35 percent of that time on getting to know each other. Long story short she moved into my townhouse with her daughter who I loved to death and we had the war of all wars & I ended up kicking her out. It was bad. There were things done bad on both parts and we went at each other hard. I mean this was the most intense battle that I've had with a woman & Jaime is the strongest woman I've met inb my to my grandmother, she is a straight street soldier lol.

Anyway...5 months later. We finally speak again. We have this thing where we trade off knowledge to each other...its kinda how we bond. I like to think I put her on to a lot of new music cause she thinks that now-a-day music doesn't speak about anything...most of it doesn't. So I put her on to a few underground cats. Well...right after everything got crazy I got put on to Jean Grae (best female rapper in my book) and every time I would listen to a Jean track I would think..."damn, I wish I could of put Jaime on to this". Mainly cause I believe that Jean Grae is the hip hop version of Jaime lol. its weird.

So finally one day I sent her a myspace message about Jean Grae, like a small introduction & reasons why she should check her out. As the subject I wrote "Last Gem" this is my goodbye & I want to leave you with this. I never thought we would speak again. I thought her pride would keep her away from me.....last week....I recieve a text...saying she wants to begin a postitve conversation and what about Jean Grae.

My friends think I'm crazy for talking to her again. My homegirl Diamond is threating to fight me when she comes to visit (I love you...but bring it). Like the title says.....

....And I never felt as centered as I do when I'm around her. And for the fact that we can even speak to each other after all that we done...that's a sign on its own.

::Leaves Kinetic Card::


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog :D i have a niiiiice surprise for you! :D i shall email it to you pronto :D

looked for it JUST for you too :D



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