Monday, May 25, 2009

Artwork: Jaime (Arch Nemesis)

Digging thru my graphix archives and I found this. My close friend and arch nemesis, Jaime.
Why she all that? Well, just tried to murder me once. Chill, it was only once.
Ok, that didn't sound any better but she meant well. Sometime crazy people only understand crazy people....and we're both 4 aces short of a deck of cards. We had a lot miscommunication and we both were going thru tuff stages of our lives. So we kinda took it out on each other. I kicked her out and she tried to murk me. Fair exchange...

Her trying to murk me is her trying to kill something that she doesn't want inside her....her love for me. As friends were tight, but more than that....nah we good, we just not made for that level. She doesn't want me and I don't want her. But, I value her friendship and we politic on real shit. Our conversation is pass average mind thinking....more like mind bending and I haven't had that with anyone else......until Ayana recently made an appearance in my life.
Can't front, if Ayana didn't pop up, I might be rethinking the whole "just best friends" title again.

Ain't nothing like an Rhode Island girl(Jaime)
But Jerzey girls stay with surprises (Ayana)

Finishing this beat and then I'mma change the blog up.
::Leaves Kinetic Card::


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