Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quick Update/Sober This Time LoL

I don't even remember being on the computer when I did that last post but I'll leave it. I was super-throwed. Change in title...

Gambitt - SoultapesLvL1:Smoke/Music/Illusions

why? The project is making adjustments as I make it. That's the best way to explain it. I will say this, the crate digging has went to the dvd's.
Yea, I'm putting all my little ideas I had into work for this project.

Question1? Devin The Dude made a song a few years ago called "Anything". Do anyone know what sample that is from? It's also sampled in Three-6-Mafia's "4 Da Summa", original and the remix.

Question2? UGK's "Take It Off" from the "Dirty Money" album, anyone know that sample by chance? I had all these albums. I lost them to a bitch named Katrina in August 2005.

Latrice, whad up if you reading this. My play sister came back into my life today and thats my fire right there. Hard to explain but thats my fire.

Might have the cover for the project done tomorrow. Time to get some sleep and then I'mma just black the whole Saturday with music.

Oh and I finally got talked into this twitter shit (that's how I found my play-sister again). Its aiight. Get caught in it quickly too. Hit me up

I notice that this project is very "smoker" friendly if you dig what I'm saying. And that's without trying....except for "Summer Smoke", that's completely a smoker instrumental, OOOoooo I can't wait for people to hear that one lol awwww shit.

Aiight, Let me roll.
Trice, I'm glad you back in my life sis.
And you always had my attention (inside convo)
Your my former queen from another life. Yea nigga, I's deep. What of it?!

:::Leaves Kinetic Card:::


Anonymous said...

Check out my blog! I have a award for YOU! :D yay!!! and shit LOL

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