Sunday, May 31, 2009

She Fucked With The Wrong Cajun...

Remember Ayana? In the blue bubble graphic pic that I did?
Well, she decided to fake on me twice last week.

1st Time: I BBQ'd and offered to bring her some dinner when she got off from work so she could just get him, eat and relax. She told me that it was a plan.
Instead, she leaves me hanging to go get drunk with her "friends" that left her alone in the middle of no where at 2am.

2nd Time: Friday night I waited for her to come thru, no show and no call. Waste of a Friday.

Saturday she text me saying that she's tired of her friends faking on her....I sent a text back...
"At least I know that your getting it back to you for when you fake on me"

She got mad and sent all types of "fuck you's" and a bag of insults that I didn't deserve and it carried on to today. kill all this because I tried to speak to her calm and as a mature adult but all I got was emotional blame from what I said but no admission to what she done wrong, I wrote this to her myspace before I blocked her.
\/ \/ \/

Deleting you from my myspace friendlist sence you refuse to.
When you have something positive to say instead of all the insults you threw at me which were reflections of your own ignorants, then re-summit your application for friendship. Other than that I'm cutting my losses from this investment. My door is always open to a positive conversation but step correct, leave that reckless attitude in the streets and please quit acting like an high school foul mouth brat if you plan to commit yourself to church. It is very disrespectful.

Never claim to be a god, but I am a king. God told me that. You calling him a lair?

You were so close to opening your mind and powering your faith even more but you cannot even honor your own, so your not deserving as of now but when you are my door is open to you. There was a reason why you were led to me but its rather depressing that you didn't discover why because of your temp. problem with diarrhea of the mouth.

Also, your on my block list as of myspace so anything you send I won't receive. Like I said, my door is open but you have to sacrifice your emotion, pride and dirty mouth. I hope they sanitize those communion glasses cause the stuff I heard and read from you is down right.....should I say, nasty?

Know yourself before you try to take me on, my mind is more equipped than yours. That can be a great experience when your own my side, horrible when your on enemy lines.

"The cure is worst than the disease"
other words....
If you even dream about disrespecting me again you better wake up and apologize.

.....I'm not one of these little VA boys. I don't take disrespect well.
I won't curse you out with the "fuck yous, your a hoe,etc" or whatever an dull minded ignorant guy would say.

Instead, I'll destroy your world from the inside out and leave you with an exit out of it to join mine after there's nothing left to show you anger/slang's/disrespect is a choice, not a must.

I'm kinda dangerous mentally :)

:::Leave Kinetic Card:::


Anonymous said...

wow!!! that is wild tho!

call me if you can

Repryx said...

U sure you Gambit? It sounds like some Professer X Type stuff. Anyway, I checked ya page n music...Ya Flavore is hot. On "The Amazing Spiderman" Itd be cool to work along side ya. Lemme know (I already got an Idea for one song) Lolz

Its gonna be called Crossover (Guess what song youd have to sample)

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