Sunday, June 21, 2009

Confidence and Acceptance Has Arrived

I juiced up the Zune and went for my normal walk to zone and do some free thinking. Vibing to the beats recently completed for the "Soultape" project.
This shit is sounding damn, this really ain't bad at all...kinda ill.

I'm my own worst critic. I have a hard time figuring out if something is nice or kinda off when it comes to my instrumentals. I can only tell if its "aiight" I guess. But I follow what feels good...and not everything that feels good sounds good. Well, at least not to everyone.

Lately I been feeling like I'm going in the right direction far as music. As instrumental gets completed I'm gettin more confident in myself. Like, now I KNOW if its ill or wack. And lately I been loving what I'm hearing from myself lately.
My sample game has step up big time.
Nigga, who samples the Transformer 2 score? This guy right here and that shit came out epic (Epic Inflictions). I'm even flipping music I heard as a child when I use to beat-box my own drum pattern over whatever I was feeling, rather if it was a video game or movie.

Since the beginning when I started to make beats seriously, I been having a problem with finding what style fits me. Southern or NY/Underground style beats.
At the beginning I couldn't flip a southern beat....I tried. Shit came out horrible. Then I just did with whatever I would feel. I like music with feeling...with soul. Shit that makes your back tingle at certain break-downs in a song. Now all of a sudden with me just doing what feels good, my style is more like southern soul.
I like that...."Southern Soul"....hmmmmmmm "SoultapeLvL2:Southern Soul"

::Makes Mental Note::

....I love my shit music. Now.....I'm something to fuck with.

:::Leaves Kinetic Card:::


Anonymous said...

first off -"Nigga, who samples the Transformer 2 score? This guy right here and that shit came out epic (Epic Inflictions"...dam nigga im apmed to hear this shit....

but yea..i like this post...u describe exactly how i feel about my music...that confidence is a major part of making good music...its times dudes like us start realizing what an asset we are to other peoples souls...i cant live without music and if the music dies....then...yea, we all fall down on some "we all " type shit but yea.,,,,honestly im anticipating your album more than ch's album ...deadass ma dude..keep doin it!!! for me...


LOL. peace ma dude

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