Friday, July 24, 2009

I Hate It When I'm Like This.

Some people take my niceness for a weakness.....big mistake.
I took a girl under my wing when she had a hard time. Her mom's was beating her upside the head and shit. We beefed before it happen and she told me to lose her number and forget that I met her and I blacked on her in return on how she threw our friendship away and what was building to be more.

A week later she comes to my house and apologized...not even 5 minutes after the apology she asks me can she move in cause she needed somewhere else to stay.

I knew at that moment that something wasn't right....meaning, in my head I thought "your only here apologizing because you know I have my own townhouse. If I didn't have this townhouse you wouldn't be here right now." But I said yes...sure...I will help you. We was tight for about a month and she agreed to my rules of the house. She even said she didn't even want anyone to know where she stayed. While time passed she told me about her ex-boyfriend who was locked up that did her all types of wrong, including cheating, hitting on her, giving her chlamydia, getting locked up over dumb shit, wasting her money, everything bad that I shouldn't know about a nigga. She basically programed me to hate this dude.

A month later(about 3-4 weeks ago from now) she asks me can she have company in my room. We shared a room at 1st which was my room, except I slept in the living room while I let her sleep in my bed and all my stuff was still there. So at 1st I was like nah...but than I thought let me be fair...everyone deserves there privacy. So I said go ahead. She didn't tell me it was her ex-boyfriend that she told me about and let the nigga stay the night at my house. 4:30am while I'm making a beat I'm hearing all this noise from upstairs.....niggaz fuckin in my damn bed.

:::Closes eyes....deep breath:::

11:30am I walk in my room to get me a change of cloths like I normally do and these niggaz in my bed....told her to never do that shit again but she says they didn't do anything.......I must look fuckin stupid or something. 1st of all I didn't say the nigga could even spend the night.....let alone sleep in my damn bed.

No man is suppose to sleep....let alone my bed other than me.

To cut a very long story short...we went from being all super-tight to barely speaking. This is all on her part and then she tells me we can't chill like that no more because now she has a man. Mind you we never did anything that was out of line of being a friend. We watched anime together and she'll write to my beats and sometimes we'll go shopping. Being that she knows about my muscle disorder she would always come and check on me. All that stopped like it never happen.

I told her to never let that nigga spend the night here again. He don't pay rent here so he don't need to be here. And I have major trust issues....and I also believe association breeds similarities....I won't nothing in common with that young nigga (he just turned 20....I'm 24). My house, my don't like....leave.

Turns out she been sneaking the nigga in late at night and sneaking the nigga out early in the morning. My room mates dimed her out, they thought I made things coo for her to do that.....I did no such thing. So 1:45am this morning while I'm having a cigarette(which I quit years ago but I was trying to not flip) I sent her a text saying basically "yo I found out, take the nigga home" I call her response....I wait until about 2:05am....nothing......I don't like being ignored.

Walked my ass up stairs, banged on the door....these muthafuckas not even sleep.....I blacked. Told her you can't respect me or my home, you can leave with that nigga. Ol'boy said something like "aiight aiight". If I wasn't pissed before....I damn sure became then.

Before I could yoke that nigga up she brings his diseased ass home and I chilled with one of my roommates(Big Shawn) and politic with him until I finally got out of "Ragin' Cajun" mode.

I really try hard to not be an asshole which is what I'm known for. I don't like myself when I'm like that but I can break your fuckin world...mentally. I will send your world terror-sending down into a spiraling pit of your own ignorance's. Its easy for me....and I enjoy it. But I shouldn't and nor do I want to...but I can and I will if pushed. I'm leaving a few things out but trust me I was pushed. I will air our more details tomorrow after I sleep. I hate a fuckin religious hypocrite.

"Ever notice once in awhile you come across somebody you shouldn't of fucked with?.......that's me."-Clint Eastwood, "Gran Torino"

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


Little Miss Knobody said...

Damn. Just all around disrespect. Situations like that call for you to be an asshole. There's no way around it. You can't let people walk all over you...

Olivia said...

OMJeez!! DAMN!! she has no RESPECT fa some1 whos helpn her out!! U werent actin like a assshole! Its ur house, ur rules u act the way you want when some1 doesnt abide by them nd disrespects you!!

oh yea! thanx fa the comments!! appreciated much!

Gambitt said...

^^^thank you both for reading that long post and for siding with me. I really hate being that way but ya'll made me feel alittle more at ease about it.
Respect for both of you.

precyse said...

i feel u on this odddd my dude...nd thas super fucked up what shorty did...dam, ida kicked that chick out a min ago, ur mad koo for lettin it rock....peace bro

I hate a fuckin religious hypocrite.

i wass jus tlkin bout tht, me 2

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