Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Small Preview/Quick Update

When my old homeboy Jae Alz from high school came thru to visit, we politick about music and I played a few beats from the "Soultape" project. He caught interest to the "A Ace Assassin" joint so let him do what he does. Blessed the hell out of it too.
Check the track below or just listen to the imeem player to the left. That instrumental will be on the project for anyone who wants to do damage to it.
Shout out to Jae Alz, real good people and has a deep passion for music like my self and my new music partners(what up P.A., Precyse, Joe Cool).

As for the project, it might be ready sooner than I said. I want 3 more instrumentals done for it. After this, I want to see if I can get every one of those beats laced up by folks that I just mention. It will be a challenge lol...reason why I say that because some of the beats aren't your average instrumentals but they can be vicious with the proper flow.

Bout to go pass out and wake up in the morning to continue the work left for the project. Holla @ ya'll soon.

GamxJae (4 Ace Assassin) - Jae Alz

:::Leaves Kinetic Card:::


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