Friday, June 26, 2009


On some real shit...

I'm nervous as fuck about putting this project out.
This shit is different.....that's not usual a bad thing with me but I don't want to get that response like this shit is throwed-off different, like...not understandable different.

I don't know, maybe I'm thinking too much about it. Maybe alittle over-whelmed.
6 months ago, I couldn't do what I do now. I haven't been doing this for a long period of time or nothing. Not seriously anyway. I wish I would of been more serious about it the 1st time I touched FL Studio 3-4 years ago. I wasn't inspired back then like I became not so long ago. Its the Dilla beats, 9th Wonder beats, Charles Hamilton beats that gave me the motivation to be different and try what I had in my head.

Charles Hamilton said it best when he was talking about Dilla...
"Dilla wasn't afraid to take chances"

....while making the "Soultape" project, I went in with the same mind state. Go for Dilla would.

Here's the beat/track-listing so far for

4 Ace Assassin
Soul Of A Machine Gun
Epic Afflictions
Gambitt Playz With Ether
Summer Smoke
Old Friend From '96
Soul Medicine
Interstate 420
It Is What It Isn't
Night, Rain & Pain
EWGF(Electric Wind God Fist)
GamxJae Feat. Jae Alz(4 Ace Assassin Beat)

...the main element about this project that worries me alittle is that there really isn't a certain style that's link to all beats....other than that there all "soulful".
I mean, some have a southern feel. Others, NY underground type, others....N/A lol

One thing I will include in the back-cover is a 2Pac quote.
"You don't have to bump this but please respect it"

I'm out 4 the night.....for real this time lol

:::Leaves Kinetic Card:::


Anonymous said...

Cute pic! :D

Little Miss Knobody said...

Having Dilla beats, 9th Wonder beats, & Charles Hamilton beats as inspiration/motivation is definitely not a bad place to start. Go for broke and good luck! :)

JayBlayde/Gambitt said...

-thanx ma, ;)

@Little Miss Knobody
thank you, I really needed that. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

yooo jay i swear we are brothers in another life lol your quotables are exactly how i feel deadass - "6 months ago, I couldn't do what I do now. I haven't been doing this for a long period of time or nothing. Not seriously anyway."


deadass , i thought the same ...i feel u have crazy ass potential in u bro , forreal , if yu puttin out fire ass work instrumetnals now..i can only imagine how much greater you will calling 09 the year of the underdog...fuck that lol....maddd new shit from me very soon...and yea, im getting a project together...ill fill u in on the details in a text cuz its secretive lol...still feenin 4 that tape...until then.....


JayBlayde/Gambitt said...

@ Precyse
I see u my dude, respect. And thanx again.

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