Friday, June 26, 2009

SoultapeLvL1....Tuesday Or Sooner

Was on planning to make this a 15 beat project but I'mma land either on 12 or 13 beats...not counting one track, might include the track that my boy Jae Alz laid out for me(what up my dude). Like here, this is an example on how to black on my beats lol nah but he did murder the joint though.

Sitting on 12 beats for the project as of right this second. And I'mma see what my mind finds attractive far as samples goes tomorrow and this weekend.
I got some un-finished beats that I'm not confident on completing and releasing....might dig thru the archives and maybe they'll sound better now that some time have passed. Plan on doing all the tagging/mixing the whole Sunday....don't worry, I won't over tag it. I want people to be able to flow on the beats and get creative. Include them on projects as well (non-profit use only)....just want my props though, that's it

Next week is gonna be hectic far as music goes.
-I'mma try to crank out a track for my boy Joe Cool,
-one or two for the homie Precyse,
-re-sample the x-men track for the man P.A. cause I think I can make one better than the one I gave him and see if I can crank different beat added to that one.
-And see if I can crank another joint for the boy Jae Alz.
-Shit....and to add on to that I got 5 people that want Michael Jackson sampled beats(Rest In Peace).

I'm doing that as a 1st come 1st serve, whoever sends me the sample they want flipped cause this is gonna get alittle crazy.

And to be on some honesty shit, not really looking all that forward to doing the MJ samples. Only reason why.....cause its been done countless times already. I don't think there's an hip-hop producer who hasn't sampled Michael Jackson songs at least included. My 2nd beat ever that no one will ever hear lol.

So yea, my whole concept/style is based on doing what another hasn't. so yea....I'm kinda blown in a way far as that goes. BUT...I will rise to the occasion for the right people.(Joe Cool, Precyse, we'll see what we can do far as the MJ joints)

Damn, that was alot more than what I intended on writing. Sorry bout that.
Let me take my ass to sleep and see what I can build on top of.

Oh and yea, the Jimi Hendrix beat I did won't be on the Yung Nate & B/A project :/ ...but the man 'Nate said he got me far as hooking it up for a later joint and one of my other beats. So, the Hendrix beat will be on the "Soultape" project. Slightly tuned up but the basic beat is still intact.
Get @ me ya'll....the blog scene has been on mute mode this week seem like.

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