Friday, June 26, 2009

This Is My Deal With The M.Jackson Sampling...

Picture kidnapped from, via P.A.(thanks homie)

As I spoke about before, yesterday within an hour I got 5 different text messages asking me to make beats using Michael Jackson samples.

My the picture above shows. Its been done.....ALOT.
And that's not even all the songs that's in the picture...there about maybe 70+ more.
I bet whatever that at least every serious hip-hop producer has at least sampled one Michael Jackson song including myself.

P.A. and I was politicking about this earlier and we both acknowledge that in a way this kills the motivation/inspiration to make an MJ sample beat. We (speaking for myself & P.A.) get the motivation to do music to do what hasn't been done. That's the main combo for my beats, sample the un-sample or at least the not-as-much sampled.

So, I'm not saying that I won't do a MJ sample beat but I gotta be seriously motivated. Cause lets face it...sampling MJ is way pass old-art. I love the dude and miss him as well, child hood was always surrounded with some Mike Jackson tunes.
I'm sticking to what brought me into making beats....

...doing something different.

Opinions or thoughts are welcome.

:::Leaves Kinetic Card:::


Anonymous said...

perfectly said and understood ..deadass..makes madd sense

Repryx said...

You rite n THATS Why I sampled Loser! Its my beat but ima throw it on to Zshare for whoever....just give me Credyt!

(N YEah Im puttin on the mixtape)

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