Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What A Stormy Night We're Having...

... was about to start on a beat but the way this storm is acting...nah. With my luck I'll start on it and then the power will go out and I'll lose everything.

Miss me with that dumb shit, rain storm.

Any big FL Studio heads hit me up, I got a question. The last beat I made I get mad crazy "popping" noise and I can't figure out what the hell is causing it. The more effects I do the worst it gets. It comes out cleaner when I export it though but there's still some popping. I don't know if its the slicer or what it is.
Any advise?

Took a break yesterday from the "Soultape" project. Finished a beat for P.A. that is some type of epic. Can't wait to see what he does with it.

Went back to the "Soultape" folder and played what I done so far.....sounds better than I remember it for just taking a break for a day.

I need a fuckin' job!! That shit killed me when I got laid off. Now I have too much time on my hands smoke.....wamp wamp waaaaamp.

Another sober night. Might let this rain put me to sleep and wake up refresh and take on the world......or some shit.

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


Anonymous said...

aww! hit me up if u wanna talk

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