Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rest In Peace David Carradine 1936–2009

Got the news this wonder its such a cloudy/stormy day.
David has been one of my favorite Kung Fu actors for awhile now. Love him or hate him (Bruce Lee heads, let it go. I know, I felt that way for awhile too) has done great movies sticking to the basic elements that make Kung Fu movies...great Kung Fu movies. He was 72 and still making flicks.

I got this one joint called "Kung Fu Killer", one of his last movies that came out this year. If you seen the "Spike TV" aired version, see the DVD version.
"Kung Fu Killer" is one of the most goriest, bloody detailed movies I've seen in least compared to not-a-day flicks were everyone is battling to keep movies PG-13...smh.
It got hated on by alot of people....why?...well...not sure. I liked it. There were parts that I felt wasn't Daryl Hannah's singing and performing.
Other than that, it went hard. REAL GOOD FIGHT SCENES....and that's all that matters in Kung Fu flicks lol

There are rumors about how he died....I'm not listening....I refuse to even think that it might be true based on how he carried himself and what he was doing at the time (filming another Kung Fu Flick).

And so I leave this in dedication of David Carradine
White Crane
and my favorite to know him as



Sofa King We Todd Did said...

I see why they cut it. It works as a clip though.

Anonymous said...

wassup bruva , thnx 4 the chekup , really apreciate it...yo forreal im a fan of your instrumentals..if you threw me some i would be sure to do them right....ahhh, im jus workin on finding someone to properly mix n master ma edit pro only goes so far lol @ my amateurism ...stay up ma dude, peaceee..

hit me on aim if you get a chance


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