Thursday, July 16, 2009

Justin Allen - Maybe I Am Crazy

My boy Justin dropped another project this week called "Maybe I Am Crazy".
1 of the main things I like about Jae is that he's not afraid to show himself to anyone...including his flaws and self-battles that he goes thru and what we all go thru rather it be different or simalar. He told me when he put together this project is was part of him doing things randomly as he does. For a random not planned project this is pretty fuckin ill.

It has a good balance between serious issues, trials from his past, current self demands and then you have Justin pretty much calling things out how he see's it far as the female subject goes. Don't get that twisted as a negative ladies...he goes in on the pros and cons so drop your guard. Then of course you got the swag-heavy Justin....I'm trying to cover the basics but this dude has alot of angles to his music.....thats always a + cause alot of these niggas sound the same just different beats...sometimes not ever that.

Through out the project with the tracks & the bief message-skits you getting the feel of the title real quickly. Every track explains itself when you hear it.
I got more than a few favorites. "Committed"....if you have a focus in music or anything that you have a passion for, this might become your theme for the summer. "I Lied(Sewicyde)" is throwed. Your ears provide the pictures courtesy of Justin's story telling skills, something I'mma go ahead and say that he's mastered. The hook real trap you in his pain. Dead azz....I put that on MY music.
Any real brother can relate to the "Jealousy" track. Ladies can experience the silent thoughts of a man but you can't be sensative to honesty.

I'mma let ya'll check this and not black on the whole gave-a-way.
Yes, I got two tracks I produced on here....but on some real shit, that ain't nothing but a tease to whats to come from the both of us.

Justin Allen - Maybe I Am Crazy(2009)
1.Maybe I Am Crazy
2.To Play Your Messages(Skit)
4.I Lied(Sewicyde)
5.Answer The Phone
6.I Felt Like Nobody(Interlude)
7.Give It Up Bxtch
8.I Fxcked Ya Girl
9.Yea(Prod. By Gambitt)
10.Keri X Candy(skit)
11.Pictures Of You
12.Shut The Fxck Up
13.Mistake (Prod. By Gambitt)
14.Fxck Is Wrong Witchu(Skit)
16.You Can't Help Seeing Other People(Interlude)
17.No More Messages(Skit)

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On another note...Coming Soon projects I'm heavy involved in.
P.A. - MaryJane:Not Tonight, But Maybe Later(Issue#1)

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Max Gibson said...

This is a dope album. We might have to do a feature on it. Keep up the great work and let us know of any future projects you are working on.

Max Gibson

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