Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Project In Near Future,Justin Allen,Completely Produced By Gambitt.

Beening goin' in on the "issue" of P.A.'s joint all last week until the weekend came and my fibromayagal decided to bother me. My right shoulder kept feeling like someone was poking me with hot needle. So I loaded up on the meds and got good again by Sunday night. I started on a beat aweek ago for my boy side track with P.A.'s project and didn't finish it....until night before last. So I finally sent to him...apologized for the lateness, cause I offered to send him a few beat and then the project popped up.
Sent it to dude yesterday morning and got it back last night....properly blessed.

Hearing the joint makes me want to try and balance out two projects at once but I got my focus on P.A.'s joint 1st cause we been politicking about this for a minute.
But like I did this week I'mma try and side a beat or so between the fast progress with P.A.'s project.

But its coming(Jae Alz/Gambitt project), we spoke alittle bit about it and he says its on me. My dude, I got you.

Music has provided me to find those who have the same passion for music like I do.
I knew Justin from high school but I didn't know how serious he took his music until recently. I often say this but I got mad respect for ol'boy.

Same goes for my dude and this guy is just on this same crazy wave length with the music and just life in general. In a previous life me and this nigga met before...I can't explain it but I'm just weird like that. You just don't meet people and have a quick understanding of each other like that.

And the comes from a dude that has a rule:
The more friends you have now, the more enemies you'll have later

Excuse the vent.
More music coming soon.

:::Leaves Kinetic Card:::


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