Sunday, July 26, 2009

Obama Calling It How He See's It

Obama picked back up some coo points with me on this in issue. Racial profiling has always been an issue in America and now finally a president even see's it and speaks about it. Then the guy at the end tried to pull Obama's card like he wasn't going to stand for what he said....I admit, I'm surprised the he didn't back-pedal in his words.

On some more reality to that, Racial profiling has gotten worst since Obama became president. This needs to end. Give it up.

I want to apologize to my peoples who follow or pass thru my blog for the 2nd to last post which I deleted. I shouldn't air out other peoples dirt and with that pic I posted. I was still heated. No one has said anything but I felt that it was over baord of me to do all that. Sorry folks if I did offend anyone.

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


Little Miss Knobody said...

Obama picked up some cool points w/me on this topic, but I have to be honest and say that he lost some too when he apologized later for it. What he sad the first time was right. Disorderly conduct is bullshit. This man was in his own home. It has been proven that Racial profiling is and has been going on for ages. In my book, this incident is just "Fuck the Police # 436,784,324"....or somethng like that.

Gambitt said...

"this incident is just "Fuck the Police # 436,784,324"....or somethng like that."

yep and its not slowing down...its picking up. U know what's even more messed up? Being racially profiled as the wrong ethic group!
EX: The pigs up this way always think I'm Spanish....I'm not Spanish damnit, I'm fuckin Cajun but I will settle for being assumed African American whic I am also...not everyone that's light-skin is Spanish!!

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