Monday, July 27, 2009

Speaking Of Racial Profiling...

Ok, this kinda hit me when I was responding to a comment in the last post left by Little Miss Knobody. Shout out to her by the way, I love politicking with other music lovers and reality thinkers. Also check her blog(as I often do). its very interesting

Okay here we go!
U know what's even more messed up? Being racially profiled as the wrong ethic group!

EX: The pigs up this way always think I'm Spanish....I'm not Spanish damnit, I'm fuckin Cajun but I will settle for being assumed African American which I am also...not everyone that's light-skin is Spanish!! I always get this shit here since I moved to Northern VA 3-4 years ago.

What's even some parts of Louisiana...not often...but more often when I would visit Mississippi to see my older brothers and sisters...people will assume I'm white all of a sudden.

Like, you really can't tell that I'm mixed with something?
I'm yellow like a fuckin' hi-lighter marker but I'm white? I even had my damn braids at that time but I'm white?!

What element of fuckary is that?!?!

I hate ignorant people. Bottom line I'm Creole...Cajun may be more familiar to some.
Get it right.

"..but the bitch said I'm hot, I'm like nah bitch I'm blazing.
Like what the fuck you expect, I'm a muthafuckin Cajun"-Lil Wayne

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