Monday, August 10, 2009

Jackmove 3:JustTrynaFitIn

New mixtape from the boy Justin. Def. worth the download
Link at the bottom
...more music on the way. Got my hands in so many ideas I don't know which to finish 1st.

Click Here

For Justin's previous projects hit the myspace link for all of his releases.

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


Little Miss Knobody said...

I'm on it!

Justin Allen said...

i actually deleted all the music links and the page,
coming at this one more time with a different approach, i been recording and working on this album that i plan to push until i see there is a strong following and i will put out the 2nd one
im good tho thanks for checking on me, its sad alot of my friends think i tried to kill myself again but at the same time its cool ppl have been checking up on me
i just have to distance myself from everything so i can be focused and get this done
im putting together something that i want ppl to really play over and over so i have to be all there when im recording ya know..

i hope you aiight tho
be safe be cool
i after i lay some hooks down wit my girl Keri i will preview this album and if i like it i'll be back :)
and ready to promote if i dont i'll be away a lil longer
recording doing what i do..


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