Saturday, August 15, 2009

Post #1OO/Fallen Headphones

1OOpost....already? Only open the blog in February of this year.
A bitter-sweet 1OO post...because this post is in dedication of my fallen soldier...

My Lowrider SkullCandy Headphones...
These are the 1st headphones I used to make my 1st beats, I loved these damn things.
Yesterday they finally shorted-out on me. Held them down for two years and they always sounded great. I won't even throw these away. We've shared some good music those two years.

Too add on...those are the only headphones I have laying around and my CPU speakers shorted-out a month now I can't make beats.....this is where the epic-fail part hit me. Feel like a part of me is missing. I make at least one beat a day if not more(5 in one day has been my most) and now I can't even start on one....smh.

On a good note, my partner P.A. (what up fam) said he will cop me some Skull Candies next I'm looking at about aweek and 1/2 with no productions done....unless one of my people's spot me some speakers or some headphones.

until that happens....... damnit.... why!!???!!

Shout out to everyone who follows my blog and comments. I try to get back at everyone when I catch interesting posts. Ya'll be safe....I'll be in my beat-less/headphone-less zone......its dark and quiet in here.

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::
:::Doesn't Explode:::


Little Miss Knobody said...

Congrats on the 100th post. I feel your lost homie. I had some SkullCandy headphones that decided to break on me too a couple of months ago. They were the best...

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I need to post and even have some topics written down to post, but I'm being a lazy bastard LOL but Imma get on it soon :D

remmeber I sent you that link to those Boost Mobile headphones (I still got mine and they're really nice)

Gambitt said...

@ Little Miss Knobody
-true, true.

@ thehoustongirl
-yea, I remember about those but I don't want to take a gamble on them right now is limited. My boy P.A. is sending me some BBDD headphones to hold me down and I KNOW those joints crank.

And yea, step yo blog game up girl lol ;)

Anonymous said...

dam homie...i hate to see that creativity flow jus stop...yo, if it makes a difference, i have some basicaklly brand new bangin ass insignia 3 piece speakers with the bass and all if u send me ur adress, wen i get baq on the 21st ...theyr yours .. ...peace ma dude

aaronValentine said...

yeah i got the BBDD earbuds and they're dope as hell. the big joints are the best headphones out by far. But i got some skull candys I dont use anymore if you wanted to get those off me for a good price. they in great condition still. hit me up if u interested bro...

and congrats on a 100! i got about 20 to go myself I've been slackin..

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