Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SMH....Marbury Is A Idiot

....word my G....smh.

Now look, I'll stand up for weed any day. Its only bad if you let your high be your low.

Random Fact:85% of American food is more dangerous to human health than marijuana.

Anyway.....the NBA don't play that shit. I'm waiting for them to hit his ass with that drug test unless they just don't care what he does off-season. But if they wouldn't let Allen Iverson put out a rap album, I doubt they gonna let this cat go around blowing green like its legal.

I hate stupid people with money...always seem to do dumb shit just because.

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


Little Miss Knobody said...

Lol! Stupid people w/money is exactly what it is!

Anonymous said...

lol ...dis is probly 1 uv the weirdest niggas i seen on the net lol...first the cryin...then the eatin vaseline...then the dancing suspect wit facial cream lol...some pple get too much attention

Anonymous said...

LMAO stupid ppl with money

Woodlend said...

WoW! yeah, he's a very strange person. he's been making allot of strange videos lately. i wonder if he's always been like this.

LOL! i laughed at ur comment B4 i watched this video. But i couldnt laugh at him b/cuz i think he has a problem. like maybe he's a little retarded. I think he needs help. like no disrespect to him. Judeging from all his videos, he needs some effing help!

Gambitt said...

^^I agree, completely. Marbury is throwed-off.

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