Tuesday, August 18, 2009

6:09 Am (Music Updates)

No shortage on music....that's for damn sure.
Went to my people's crib yesterday and borrowed there CPU to finish up a few beats since I cannot do any of it at home because of the sound issue...smh...that shit is killing me. Soon will be fixed according to P.A..

Speaking of P.A...
this man sent me this beat lastnight while I was at my homegirl's spot and I fell in love with that joint. It's Keyshia Cole sample....he told me that it felt like I was there helping him make the joint. I'll tell you this much, it does sound like one of my joints but you can tell its his style and his work. The joint is still in my head...damnit I wish I had sound now that I'm back at my spot. I would be cranking that joint right now.
Anyway, it will be on the "MaryJane:Not Tonight But Maybe Later" project between P.A. and myself which is still sitting on the 9/11 release date.

Jae Is Going In...
...finally got a hold of this M.I.A. ass nigga of mine(what up homie)and he explain to me what was all going down with the music. I cannot explain as he did so I'll let him do so when he feels its right to do so....but he's coming though. Sent me this one joint....crazy ill...can't wait to hear the rest of the project.

Precyse Done 1up...
This man went to cali and just blacked....enough said.
He has a project on the way also in studio quality.
My homeboy found one of my older beats that I had intended to put on the "SoultapeLvL1" project but my old CPU crashed in January and I lost the FL file. Well I forgot I would do a beat out of boredom at his spot and there was the damn FL file. The beat was called "Soul Serious"...I know I posted the imeen-link for it on here months ago of the original beat....yesterday I upgraded cause it sound madd dated and sent it to the boy Precyse. See if he digs it. It sounds 5x better than the original version. Mainly cause that was the 5th beat I ever did....and yes...I kinda 1up since then.

Other Works...
Yesterday I also finished the beat with the Nas' "Queens Get The Money" sample for the boy P.A. and that will be on "The Amazing SpiderMan" project...which will drop not far after the "MaryJane" project. I hope to get both P.A. and Justin Allen on that track....its fuckin' epic!.

Friday....right before the headphones shorted out...I finished a beat containing a 12 piece sample. Meaning, I took one sample and sampled it 12 times in one beat....also meaning (lol) that there are mad change ups. I sent it to someone that day but got no response but then Jae picked it up and gave it the blessing it so deserved. U will hear that soon on Justin's next project.

I'm trying to learn how to put acapellas in FL Studio and lay them over a beat so I can start my remix project sometime this year. Anyone know how to do this specifically?
If I learn I have two projects in mind....a various remix project and an 2Pac remix project(I have over 90 2Pac acapellas).

Soultape LvL2 is somewhat already being started. I got to hit a few people up on the beats that there sitting on and not using. Cause I want those to be heard with or without vocals. If I had to take a guess on when I might finish this project....maybe Oct/Nov....maybe even alittle sooner. I already have plans and ideas for SoultapeLvL3...but I don't want to get ahead of myself. "LvL2" will be more alive than "LvL1"...meaning it will be alittle more than just beats. It will be the way its layed out...almost like some movie type stuff.

Ok...time to sleep....been up since yesterday. I went crazy once I finally got to touch my music again(pause)...those two days without putting out creativity was driving me depressed. I'll hit up my favorite blogs after I get some rest.
Politic with all ya'll soon

Oh and hit me up on AIM ya'll
sn: JayBlayde

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