Saturday, May 22, 2010

Daring Concepts Vs. Music

A comment I left on someone's blog earlier...
"Dare to be different....easy.
but to dare someone to accept it.....1up"

...this is a weird & uncomfortable battle. Reasons why is, as a music artist you should dare yourself to be different with your art & then dare the public to accept it. BUT...a different style or sound in music doesn't automatically make it "good music". That's where the problem is located, in figuring out what's different but yet still good music.

Maybe it's because the concept is laid out too simple. Example, not everything that is different is good. I'm starting to feel that the more time you put into certain projects or ideas, the better the outcome will be. I've had unfinished beats that have sat in my FL9 program for 7-8 months and randomly one day I'll trip upon a beat & catch something that I hadn't heard before, finish out the beat and have a nice gem.

Anyway, ...the "daring someone to accept it" part, now that I've put more thought into it, that's done on the regular with radio stations and music video channels. Just so happens the quality of music that they're daring you to accept is garbage. Or maybe that's just my opinion. Value or reject it.


Digs said...

I value your opinion as the majority of the shit you hear on radio IS garbage. In relation to the music, it's all about a feeling. I've heard (and made) beats in 10 minutes that knock, and I've taken days/weeks/months on beats that sound like trash. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and as long as when you're done & the track makes you feel something, you good!

Gambitt4Aces said...

That's true also. The "quickly-made-bangers" do happen. I guess maybe, it's more of a "do not force" thing.

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