Tuesday, May 11, 2010

To Blog Or Not To Blog...

I've been on & off of this thing for many reasons.

Internet issues.
Being afraid of saying or posting the wrong thing.
The thoughts of "Who gives a shit?".

Being that I don't have a lot of interesting events popping off, it kind of makes me fall back on blogging. I mean, most artists, producers, etc who blog have fans...I have none. Then again, if that was the issue I would be doing it for attention...both blogging & music.

The music....hell no, I do that for me. That's what kept me sane with the little sanity I have left. The blog....expression....I can say blahblahasscuntmuncher & no one can stop me HaHaHaHaaaaa.

#random every one has a bit of a villain side, hero or not.


Little Miss Knobody said...

"On and off" accurately describes my blogging mood too my friend. Thoughts of "Who gives a shit" cross my mind every time I post. LOL! I used to worry about posting the right thing so forth and so on, but who cares. Music & Art are the only things that keeps me sane. That and fam! So yeah... I don't really know where I'm going with this so.. Just keep doing your thing! You're talented and fans will come. You got one right now.

Gambitt4Aces said...

/\ aww, thank you.
And I agree with what you said.
*Moving forward w/ blogging & more*

your blog has always been ill in-case your not aware.

Digs said...

Damn, I thought I was the only one who had them thoughts. I've been notoriously on and off for the past two years, creating three different blogs with Digs Daily (that's me), Butter and now Wux Flux. The problem with me has been a slew of serious family problems, creativity and work issues and the notorious computer issues as well. When the rent is due, and you're not getting money from your hobbies, it's real easy to let your hobbies slide. The thing I learned though, is stay true to you and what brings you joy. The dough will come. Since I've decided to follow that mantra, my whole life has opened and strangely enough there haven't been as many inconsistencies. All I can say is stay true dude, and if your music is what I hear in the backdrop, you got a fan in Digs!!!

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