Thursday, August 12, 2010

Small Update...

1st....I'm mad at when I got to check my blog that I had nothing but spam in the hell do I stop those?

2nd....moving to ATL in October to follow the music with my partner P.A....the apartment has internet in the building so I will continue blogging then and I will also have a mass amount of new music. A vocal project and a new beat-tape plus more.

Anyone who needs to get in touch with me just send a email to
Be Safe, y'all.



Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you're ok and keep in touch with me!!



Sophie said...

you're moving to ATL?? cool! i live in Acworth/Marietta-Kennesaw. yeah, the Georgia suburbs overlap over here lol.

sorry about the spammers though :/

Sophie said...

i like the new banner btw, it's fye

Gambitt4Aces said...

...heeeeey buddy!! long time no talk. What's your email again, we need to catch up.

..coolies, u need to give me the layout of the area...have not even a clue what is what. And yea, am I the only one getting Japanese spammer? lol

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