Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I've been battling with the idea of letting another beat-tape loose on to the internet. I mean, the beats are copyrighted but I hate the idea of someone using a beat of mine without giving the proper credit to the producer (me). That's all I ask for in return for those releases.

My boy Rob that I've been cool with since middle school was politicking with me last weekend and one of his people who raps has heard a few of my joints and wants to use a specific beat for a project. He's willing to credit me as a writer and/or engineer...but he wants the production credit.......to my beat....a beat I produced, not him. No.....No again.....a Hell No if needed. For what reason u would want to take credit for something u didn't create, I have no idea. But that....is like asking me for a piece of my soul. No...making music is the only thing I have in my life to take pride in. The idea of letting someone take credit for my work by itself makes my temper go into over-drive.

Anyway.....for those who ask for it, here's another beat-tape. My vocal project is still being worked on....a long with a few other things. I'll be back to blogging on the regular after one of the following...
1.) I get my cell-phone and internet back on.
2.) move to ATL in October.

....Click Here To Download


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