Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Black&Mild Muzik"

Last Thursday I leaked a track on my Facebook account from my "DontSayIDidntWarnU" project and actually got some great responses from it. Might as well load it on the blog as well....see if y'all dig it as well as my FB people did. The vibe from this track is pretty much what the project is gonna be like all around. Underground hip-hop with a southern kick to it. Lyrics are where they should...didn't have ass it in other words like these songs I hear on the radio...smh.

Click Here To Stream Or Download

Anyway...hit me up.



Yung said...

I really like this. One of the Greatest producers EVER! Why ain't you got ya own label??? Why ain't you signed??? Man these labels are blind! I'm the one who said you got the beats that you can just chill to on twitter. @YungDTEB

Gambitt4Aces said...

oh what's up my dude?
And good look btw....maybe I have some luck when I make this move to ATL on the 18th, ya dig.

Yung said...

I hope so my dude. I just hope you don't end up like other artists and forget about the fans you had before you got big.

Gambitt4Aces said...

Nah. I'm loyal to whoever is loyal to me. Loyalty is pretty much the rarest form of....well, anything.

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