Friday, November 5, 2010

Awaken By Pain At 3:11 am

Went to sleep at 12am last night/this morning...whatever. Waiting for these pm pills to knock me back to sleep and for this DMSO medicine to kick it that I got in the mail earlier this week.(thanx, mom. love you)

While I'm up I'm thinking of other ways to spread this music out far as the internet route. Not with the beat-tapes but for my vocal-rap-project that I've been taking my time on. Using the to host it is one of the things I will do. The whole "" mixtape website is also a route but I doubt it will be helpful...but I will still do it. I need to find more hip-hop sites or blogs that are willing to post music from artists who are not signed...and that are actually good of course. I wouldn't try to spread this project out if it wasn't my best effort. For the fact I'm not doing for attention to get a deal...for more of a fact I would be extremely pissed if I got looked at for rapping instead of my production craft. Sign me a production deal anytime...I am not a rapper. My lyrical art is my hobby and I'm willing to share to anyone who likes my taste in music.

Since the beginning of this year I've been honing my rapping craft. Admittedly I don't feel that I'm as good in rapping as I am in making beats. On the positive note of things outside opinions say that I am. One thing I am sure of is that the quality is superb. My mixing ability has surpass the "Accept My Sound" results...specially with the new studio setup I've created recently. Padded booth and all. M-Audio mic of course (the makers of Pro Tools). My lyrics are pass rookie level...not surprising being that I've been writing since I was the age of 11...just was too shy to come out with it openly. One of my people's people said I was a lyrical-weaver after hearing my "Black&Mild Muzik" track...meaning I knit many rhyme patterns in my flow. That's just my way of trying not to be boring. I hate boring and simple flow patterns...another reason why I abandoned radio hip-hop. I shouldn't be able to predict a rapper's bars before the end of the bar itself. Smh...a lot of those so called "artists" are real lazy with the creativity. Imagine if Van Gogh was lazy with color...better yet no emotion, no vision.

No emotion and no vision is part of the problem with mainstream music these days. Well...I refuse to add on to that problem.

Granted that the project I'm working on won't be clean far as content or curse words...but it'll be real. No stunting about money, diamonds, sex and women. More about problems I've had, past events that I've never shared with anyone, current events, hidden thoughts, etc. Warning, it is sort of an hippie project....meaning damn near every song you can smoke a blunt to...but the content is not about "smoking weed"...but I do touch upon that subject. Overall it's an positive project...well, there is a few tracks where I just vent off least it's creative/poetry like angry though.

Oh...I'm also making an "radio friendly" version of the project...where I creativity hide the curse words or edited them out without killing the mood of each song. But the profanity isn't as heavy as I make it seem. I don't think I've said the word "fuck" even once yet. The "nigga" word is purposely avoided. I'm pass that stage. So far just a few "shit's" and "damn's" lol.

Bout to try this sleep thing again. Politic w/ y'all soon.
Hit me back.



Digs said...

What up Gambitt! Hope the pills kicked in by now my dude, that must be hell your going through. Far as the music, pretty much the best site right now to really get people buzzing about your music is OnSMASH. The staff there seem to really have an appreciation for all types of good hip hop. You can also try the staples like NahRight & 2DopeBoyz. If it gets on there, you are probably on your way! Stay strong dude, keep banging out them hits!!

Gambitt4Aces said...

No doubt maine.
I'mma try all of them.
2dopeboyz didn't bother to respond to my beat-tape submissions...maybe they will feel different about a project then.

Little Miss Knobody said...

Hope you pain is better by now.

Bandcamp is a good site to host music. I'm always hitting up people's bandcamp page.

Gambitt4Aces said...

/\ yep-yep, I just signed up for one today. About to mix my older beat tapes to better quality and get to releasing them.

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