Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Artwork:Dead Zone

That man Charles Hamilton put out another project this morning. The cover is...lets say its just not attractive. And I seen some other covers that people was doing. I'm not hating but they weren't all that clean. So I came up with just joint being its my day off and not really much to do.

Might blog more later. I'm in a real uncomfortable zone today. I'm making plans on moving, very possible to be North Carolina. If my homegirl gives me the go to come down by next week and move in May, that's what it is. If not....I might roll back to Louisiana. I just no that I no longer can stay in Manassas,VA. I will die here if I don't. Nothing bad is going on other than whats in my head and I can't articulate it in words to explain it but I really need to leave and soon. I'm ok but I must leave from here.



The Talented Mr. Hamilton said...

I love the alt. covers. I wonder if people understood my cover...

"That is the question..."


(returns from crate)

holla back...

~~Charles Hamilton~~

JayBlayde/Gambitt said...

Some may have, some may haven't homie. Like I said in one of your post, I know it serves its purpose. I like keeping my predictions until I'm completely sure ya dig. Good look on checkin' my work. Respect.

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