Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Starting Off With Some Weird Shit...

Aiight, if I appear dumb to you buy using slang or Ebonics while posting, immediately leave this blog. I want to post how I talk and if it sounds ignorant than let it be just another label.

I started this blog to vent, speak and share thoughts about what's happening in the world rather if it effects our average lives or some throwed off shit. And to share music as I cross into that in the later future. But mainly, I think alot. About any and everything. I have real good control of my brain. I channel into thoughts that the average person would go a simple thought and ignore. Me....I'll experiment that thought into mutiple thoughts that will evolve into something useful. Rather if its useful now or later but useful none the less.

Or...maybe I just smoke to much. (I quit smoking for 7 months....I still thought alot)

Anyway, I'll get into some real shit later but check this. What makes a person think of something like this? And why? To mellow out a cat?
I mean damn homie, if its really that important. Ever heard of a contact high?
Before I say this, I'm not racist....the fuck, I'm mix, how could I?
But some whitefolks got too much time on there hands



Britt Britt said...

Ayyyyyeee...this not funny...but I was laughing...that's fried!

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