Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Signs Of An ill Summer..

Still laying work down on the "SoultapeLvL1:Smoke/Music/Illisions". Just finished another instrumental, I want to post this bitch up so bad but I need to just chill and wait until I finish up everything else. But this joint bangs, I'm tellin' ya. Soon you will hear. Feel like this project is setting my style up. And I'm starting to hear more of my southern feel come into play. And I was just talking about the other day that for some reason I don't make southern type beats but the last few has sort of a blend. Not down on purpose but it's just kinda ended up that way. Fuck it, cuz it sound epic. And I haven't been this confident in my own shit.....ever. I am now.

Shout out to P.A.(aka Spiderman). Gonna be a Marvel Allaince this summer. Good thing about this is ol'boy don't stay that far from where I'm at. So yea, we gotta get it cracking and I started just a few minutes ago after I finished my "Old Friend From '96" instrumental. P.A. threw me an idea and its already turning into some epic shit.
I'mma get some rest before I really crank into it. The "Old Friend From '96" beat has wore me out. I really dug into that one far as perfection. Cause just the sample I was using, it had to be represented properly....you'll see!!

Let me get some rest so I can get an early start on these beats.
Looks like there gonna be more than just a few "Soultape" projects including my regular project....uhhh, nigga I can rap too. Just no where to record but I wanna speak to P.A. bout that after we get a few tracks going for his projects and after the 1st "Soultape" is finish of course. And maybe that P.A. project, Gambitt produced. I feel a warm summer a brewing beyond the bayou. Ok....that was a clear sign that I'm tired. lol
Night ya'll.

:::Leaves Kinetic Card:::


Anonymous said...

I don't have text messaging. Im sorry so I never got the message!!!!!!

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