Monday, June 8, 2009

And She Returns With An Peace Offering(Lil'Yana)

Miss Ayana (a girl I was interested in but dismissed after previous misscommunication) knocked on my door Saturday morning. A shadow of herself.
Something bad had been going on with her that I did not know about and I rather not air out her business like that on the internet. But she came to me. Just as I told her she could...

"... I said, my door is open but you have to sacrifice your emotion, pride and dirty mouth"-From previous letter I wrote via myspace

...when she arrived at my door I invited her in. Regardless of all the fuck you's that I recieved. I heard what she had to say. She apologized to me for what she said and as did I. She told me about her current issues...she needed to get out where she was at...I got her we're helping each other...she how things go from far so good as far as weekends are spoken about.

Oh....and she gave me the Yamaha keyboard as a peace offering. She knows I love my music and my chest got heavy when she said "I want you to have this".
Older model...the keys still feel fresh as if she hasn't been truly broken in yet.
She is...
"Little 'Yana"


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