Monday, June 8, 2009

Quick Update While Zoning...

The "Soultape" project is shaping up nicely.
I'm still having an issue with the "belonging" thing...far as what my style maybe consider to be. A southern style or pro-underground hip-hop(up north style I guess)?
Either way, it is and will always be soulful. That's one thing I can say that isn't an issue. My style consist of soul.

You can also call it "late-night-blunt-burning-muzik".....that sounds like another chapter in the "Soultape" series.
::Makes mental note::

Shout out to Smitty for diggin' my vibe and for giving me alittle more motivation. As well as my boy P.A.....i tell you, it will be an Marvel Alliance one way or a few ways this summer. What up to the homie PrecYse. I peeped out a few of the downloads my dude, I'll ya some feedback tomorrow. Ayo A.Valentine, get @ me maine. Trying to hear what type of feel you goin for far as beats so when I finish this project I can send a few spec. ones to you and the rest of the folks that dig the work.

Music wise....real regonize its a new gen. of creative creators.
So what I'm saying like what u hear far as my instrumentals don't be afaird to politic with me. I'm for the music ya'll. Anyone that has a deep passion for music, politic with me.

Politic = Speaking to a person/ in agreement about something you both feel raw about.
I.E. = Music

I'm out for the night to get some rest. Got my samples lined up for me to start with in the morning and following in the direction that the project may lead me to. You can never steer in the wrong direction when music lays out the pathways. So I will ride the beat as I layout the tracks. I'm driving the soul train on those tracks.....ok, that was a bit much. I'm tired, what's your excuse lol
Be safe all ya'll.

:::Leaves Kinetic Card:::


Anonymous said...

yooooo jayyyyy watup ma dude....i be tryna reach u on aim , it shows u no signed on...we gotta talk meng....hit me baq ..peaceee


Anonymous said...

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