Friday, June 5, 2009

Instrumental Project Vs Vocal Project

I'm having a battle with a few people and even alittle with myself. I've gotten mostly good responses about the "Soultape" project. Even to maybe say that a few people are looking forward to it.

Some people (in person) hit me with...
"...what's the point of putting so much work into just instrumentals?"

"...its half-ass to do a project with no vocals of your own"

" one wants to just listen to beats"


....I would almost understand if I just took all my instrumentals (I don't know why but I don't like calling my beats, beats...because there is using a feeling in the instrumentals I guess) and threw them together and called it a project.

That is not the case or this would of been completed awhile ago. This is a zone I'm building. Its actually a feeling....more than just a mood but a zone. Another world of music and sound.....its my world and I'm opening the door to you. You are invited in. Sit down or take a look doesn't matter if you walk or sit because either way you will feel the experience. The only question is, are you willing to open your soul to music? Opening you soul to the experience of music? If so...stay awhile...

In other words, enjoy the project when its finish. Listen to it while driving around, going for a walk with your I-pod/Zune, sitting at home relaxing...just enjoy music if its in your taste.

Just because its negative of my vocals doesn't mean it doesn't have life, soul and purpose.

Vocals does not make music. Feeling behind music makes music.
As proven by J Dilla.
Thank you friend.

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


Anonymous said...

perfectly explained..

bes beleeve its highly anticipated... nd i plan on recoring over some when its here lol...

imma hit u up later meng, peaceee

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