Thursday, June 11, 2009

Concept Cover/Brief Updates

What up ya'll? Been a pretty boring week far as having things to blog about.
But I did finish an concept cover for the Soultape project. Opinions?

I do "aiight" with Paint Shop Pro 11 but if anyone feels they can make something better....go nuts!

Still building the project up. Its taking longer than what I thought it would. Reason why?...ummm, 1st impressions I think. I want this to be as my grand opening to my musical world. So far the project has went from being 80% done to 40% done back up towards 65/70% done. Because some of the instrumentals that I originally made doesn't fit the project....not enough soul lol...nah really, I felt it didn't have the key element of this project which is soul. Even dug into some of my old beats, EQ'd them and they sound nice enough to be apart of the Soultapes series.

Future Projects...
Gambitt - SoultapeLvL?:Gumbo
The ? is because I don't know what level I will reach to honor that title. Soultape "Gumbo" will be to me as "Donuts" is to Dilla.

P.A. project, completely produced by Gambitt
I really want to do this for him. I think I can give him some epic isntrumentals that he could zone into.

...oh and someone asked what does the LvL1 stand for in the "SoultapesLvL1" title.
LvL1=Level 1...instead of the usual Pt.1, Vol.1,Chapter.1,etc. Mainly because with each project there will be an upgrade. I'm always learning.

Back to my zone, get @ me ya'll

::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::


Anonymous said...

take ur time in perfecting ur sound ma dude ...ill be waitin 4 that tape!!! lol peace meng

Anonymous said...

ps. - moonlight sonata by bethoven - sample? =D ...cheq it outt

Anonymous said...

The cover is dope.....

kinda J Dilla-ish....

i don't know how to use paint shop pro but mabye you could add more colors to give it that psychedelic look....

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