Saturday, May 15, 2010

Soul Of Nujabes

Musically enter legendary Japanese Hip-Hop DJ & producer Jun Seba a.k.a. Nujabes.
His productions throw you into a zone instantly. If your into any anime, I'm sure you've heard of Samurai Champloo...he was one of the 4 major producers of the entire sound track to the anime series. His style is unmistakable if you were to hear it in the soundtrack of the show.

Unfortunately in February 26, 2010, Nujabes was involved in a traffic accident upon exiting the Shuto Expressway in Tokyo, Japan. He passed away later that night in the hospital at the age of 36.

Nujabes productions were soul-touching...even though a good amount of his work is to be released in the near future, he will be deeply missed in the heart of true Hip-Hop fans.

Below is a short interlude that Nujabes produced for the Samurai Champloo sound track. I love that instrumental....I hate that its extremely a few months a go I decided to do something about it and re-flip it...put my own little twist to it. A Nujabes tribute you can call it. Peep the original and give mines a shot.

*Rest In Peace*



Repryx said...

Guess im not allowed to change my account to a Gmail email lolz. But this is hot

Anonymous said...

Rest in beats.

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