Saturday, May 15, 2010

Burning After Effects

Good intentions...the road to hell was paved with them.

You can take that in many directions. Seems to me no matter how good the intention is, a negative can strike. Maybe the good of the intention is so blinding that anything else can't be seen until it's too later. Normally that too late part happens in the after-effects of the hell you just went through.

Maybe it isn't the good intentions itself...but the person that it's for.(girlfriend/boyfriend,friends,business,etc) Either way, watch early to see how the road paves out before you wreak after the fact that you passed the Dead End sign.



K3Y K3Y said...

dats wassup i like how you put that it makes me thank about everything,and how i thank its a good thang and turns out horrible. Also im liking your new layout for your blog it looks real nice;)

Gambitt4Aces said...

thanx buddy, long time no-post.

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