Thursday, May 13, 2010

Artwork: "Accept My Sound" Cover Art

Here's the cover art that I knocked out for P.A. ...I think it came out clean compared to my previous cover arts. The pic was took from the set of photos done by Karin Burton , click the link to see more of her work. Even with P.A.'s "lack of personality" facial expressions, the shoot still came out great.

We're about 1-2 songs away from closing up the project. We kinda want that one more banger before we decide it's finish. Compared to the last project we did...there is no comparison. It's pure hip-hop...the lyrical ability, the content...the production of course lol. It finally sounds like we have our own sound as a collective.

May 28th will be the release.
Shout out to Kid Nice at for posting the 1st track leak. All we've gotten back is good feedback from the 1st track. Everyone who's heard it have said great things about it. Good...being that I don't consider the song as one of the better or best tracks. No all.

Sometime between tonight or tomorrow, I'm going to re-do the blog...plan on going on a blogging rampage soon.


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